The Grilled Cheese

Thank you, Google images

Thank you, Google images, for a sandwich full of love



Oh the hot, stringy, wonderfully odorous toasted sandwich filled with succulent, melted cheese-in simple terms, the classic grilled cheese! I know, I know, really Bear, you’re talking about grilled cheese? Yes! and No! Stay with me here ;P

A few weeks ago, I successfully made my first grilled cheese. It was a very warm and toasty afternoon, tummies grumbling and a hungry brother to feed. What to make? My cooking skills are very limited at this point, unfortunately, (that may be a summer goal,) so what do I make that hasn’t been made a billion times that week already? The grilled cheese. That was not yet on my menu, but as Alexander the Great never said, “Living a life with the same menu, is like eating a pile of garlic and onions, you’re left with the annoying and lingering flavors that nothing can get rid of!” It was an interesting experience; I first burnt the butter in the pan…Who knew butter could burn haha! It smoked up the house and my dad stomped downstairs furious from the smoke. I persevered and successfully added one thing to my menu, in the end. I filled up tummies and quenched my brother’s animalistic hunger as most young men have with their never ending pits of stomachs haha! No offense dudes!

On with the lesson of why I tell of grilled cheese. (hopefully I can provide a picture of my first grilled cheese; my brother took a picture to document the memory). I am not stating that I shall be married soon, but as a young woman, I find it my duty and calling by God to be able to provide  food for my family someday. It’s biblical that we should take care of our husbands and munchkins someday! With that being said, I’m trying my best to learn to cook some essential meals. Last summer, I made chicken for the first time and it was pretty good if I do say so myself. I can bake quite well and am not afraid to try anything when it comes to baking. Feel free to share your favorite recipes with me! I’d love to try it.

Proverbs 18:22

New International Version (NIV)

22 He who finds a wife finds what is good
    and receives favor from the Lord.


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