Sharpened Pencils and Ink Pens

I have been pondering in great amounts about what to do with my life and where/who God wants me to be, etc. I have always been greatly compelled to act since I was born. I never had to even think about that, I was born knowing I wanted to do that and I have never wavered, only expanded that dream. Until middle school, I struggled with writing; I despised writing to be honest. That was until I took a writing class. The class was fun, it was torture at the time, but greatly enjoyable looking back on it. That classroom was where my dreams and passions awakened. My pencil was finally sharpened. My pen was finally filled with ink. Bam! I became a writer. I’m not saying I’m the greatest writer in the world, but I simply can’t stop writing. The thought of communicating through pencil and paper, as I previously had written, what I like to call, ‘word pictures’ is a fulfilling thing for me. With each word I sculpt to flow and flatter, creating masterpieces and sculptures to lie on paper.

I have been given a choice whether to work this summer or not by my dad. I began the application process, but then I got to thinking, why don’t I just work on my writing to create a better future for myself in that area?! So, that shall be my job this summer unless I plans change. I’ll be doing a lot of reading and writing, perhaps some studying of the greatest writers and poets under my special tree whom I named Webster.

I have always loved to write with good ol’ pen and paper, rather than digital computer writing. How do you prefer to write?



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