A New Beginning

It has been far too long since I have written. With one year of college out of the way, all who have been in my shoes know that I don’t have much time on my plate during the school year. Strange how life passes by. One moment I’m graduating high school, in Disneyland for Sr. trip, then pOoF! I’m done with a year of college, which to be honest, feels like more years than one.

To kick off my “new beginning”, I’ll just say a few updates of my life and what I’ve been learning. With my brother announcing that he’s moving out, I found myself baffled and but at the same time, not surprised. The guy has been away in college for years, its not like he’s truly been around. It’s hard to imagine my life without one of my besties living in the same house. A life without my twin by my side to quote movies and TV shows with that no one, not even my main squeeze understands. So, I am pleased that he’s going out and following his dreams, but very sad for the loss of bestie living next door. It’ll all work out how God very well pleases, because he knows what is truly best for our lives and where we need to need to be. All I can say is, in the words of Tigger, TTFN-Tah Tah For Now, my bestest buddy!

I feel like I’m in this strange place in life. I halfway fit into where I am. In the performing world, I don’t feel like I belong to my dance studio anymore, I haven’t done a play in a whole year because of my differing moral standpoint of the plays offered at my school. I guess a big part of this new beginning is trying to find the next step. Step 1: Enter a new school-check. Step 2: Find the place where God wants me.  I will find it very soon, trust me!

Lastly, apart of the changes and feeling a lack of fitting in anywhere, I feel at a bit of loss. I see friends going off on life-changing adventures, leaving me wondering, what do they have that I don’t? Did I miss the sign-up sheet to have an adventurous summer?

Feel free to comment if you feel like you’re stuck in this cucumber of changes and confusion, too!

How do you solve these feeling? Any tips and ideas?

Love you lots!


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