Picture This!

Reading; *sigh* ohhhh, the magic of reading. I remember the good ol’ days when I could just go to the library FOR FUN. I have always been a fiction and picture book fanatic.  One of my all-time favorites was and still is, “The Treasure Tree,” by Dr. John Trent. My mom, brother, and I would sit on my parents’ bed and read chapter after chapter each night. “Read more! Read more!” my brother and I would shout when my mom decided that it was getting late and it was time to stop. If I could relive those moments again, I would.

(Compliments of goodreads.com)

Since I am very passionate about the arts, including writing, I have decided to review a blog that talks about just that! Gabrielle Blair, author of the “Design Mom” blog, greatly inspired me, by her posts. She blogs about a different and simply extraordinary picture book each post. This hits home for me. Being a published, children’s book author is one of my biggest dreams and aspirations. It is very nice to see that a grown woman would appreciate such a wonderful form of art. I can tell that she has a genuine heart and a soft touch for children and such forms of writing. She is, both, willing to learn from and enjoy picture books. As she responds to her “Book Choice of the Week,” posts, she breaks down her reasons why she likes a picture book. Frequently, she mentions her fondness for the moral lessons that the books teach. This blog teaches a “you can teach an old dog new tricks,” sort of lesson. She is a grown woman with six children, but is still willing to learn from the simple things in life. Her blog is very family friendly. It is filled with many colors and lots of advertisement that mothers would appreciate. Her tone very much displays her personality; motherly, creative, and encouraging.

Well, going back to the artsy stuff! I just love the fact of someone reviewing children’s books! Ahhh! Children’s books are God’s gift to us! Haha! Gabrielle is an artist on her own. Although she didn’t write the books, she breaks down the wonderful works of art in an open minded manner. Art can be seen in so many different ways. She is obviously passionate about picture books, like myself. She has created her blog with an insight that one must be born with. I feel that she can reach a wide variety of audiences. Whether it be people like me, who have that emotional connection, mothers with children, or writers who can see beyond a labeled genre or audience. This wonderful blogger, is able to artistically impact those around her. Isn’t that what blogging should be about? Impacting lives in some way?

Next time you want a blast from the past, and a good read, read Gabrielle’s blog entitled, “Design Mom”.


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