Dance Like No One is Watching

I love love love this ARTSY blog! The blogger goes by VVoi and he totalllly gets it! He has written about many different forms of art and seems to appreciate them all equally! See, I’m not the only crazy one! A specific section of his blog that I enjoyed was the “Performer” page. A lovely aspect of his entries is that it is filled with visuals in video form. He brilliantly uses YouTube videos, to aid in his topic. The videos he uses are usually slightly comedic or used to compare something. In specific, his “Dancing For Yourself” post, on May 2, 2013. It was one of the most entertaining things I’ve ever seen in my life! Haha! There was a video of a woman who appeared to be standing on the sidewalk, nonchalantly dancing like no one was watching. The type of embarrassing dancing, that you just wouldn’t do when you were on display, to every person driving by. Not only was her dance super funny and straight from the heart, but I could see myself doin’ the exact same thing! There’s something about dancing like no one is watching, that brings joy to my heart. It’s awesome to not care when people look at you like you are insane. Then, there was an awesome comparison to Gene Kelly’s “Singing in the Rain” scene. How perfect is that? Although, of course, it was staged and choreographed to be a “spontaneous” dance; he was set in the scene to dance down the street like no one was watching. I find this post so enjoyable because…Get ready for it…I, too, do the same thing! In fact, I did it today! Not down the street, in this instance, but I was dancing in a hallway. In fact, I danced right in front of some friend and a teacher without even caring for an instant. Why should I care? God has placed this wonderful gift in my heart. He has planned my life out to where I can show how truly joyful I am, by dancing like no one is watching. So, just remember, next time you get that urge to dance when walking down the street or through a hallway, GO FOR IT! You never know what will happen ‘til you try! Something I noticed about this blog, is that it doesn’t have a lot of color. There aren’t many pictures, but as I have written in my previous post, words are pictures. This blogger is a gifted writer and he knows how to paint that picture with his words. Not only is he an extraordinary writer, but he is from Swedan! I have an overflowing respect for VVoi and any non-American writer, who chooses to write in English. That is the sign of a true artist; creating art for all walks of life to understand. Thank you VVoi for your wonderful contribution to the arts. You are a true artist.


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