Word Pictures

Words are loud. Words are true. Words are powerful. Words are what make you, you. Words can shake a nation. Words can say I LOVE YOU.

            However you choose to use your words, try to make the best of them. Every single word you say, can affect a life, far more than ever imaginable. Positive and negative words can boost someone’s confidence or make them feel like a grain of salt. I bet you can remember every time someone complimented you and if someone has said something hurtful. Now, I don’t mean hold a grudge and hold onto those mean words. I know there are those things that someone told us, that echo in our brains. You know the words saying, “Your nose is too big, you are a terrible singer, that sweater is ugly! Did your dog make that?!” Or it can be a compliment that give you a new passion and drive to pursue something. Words can change what we think of ourselves and what we think of others. It’s very important to choose your words carefully. As it says in the Bible, Ephesians 4:29, “Let no corrupting talk come out of your mouths, but only such as is good for building up, as fits the occasion, that it may give grace to those who hear.” Choosing the right words is very important.  I find words to be what make up my life. Not only have they made who I am, but words are a part of me. I don’t just like to write, I have a burden that burns within my soul to write. Once again, mentioning my favorite competition show, So You Think You Can Dance’s executive producer, Nigel Lythgoe, said something that got me questioning myself. He would tell people that he could tell when someone HAD to dance. It was something they couldn’t live without. I questioned myself on what that thing is in my life. What couldn’t I live without? I so very much wished it could be dance, too. I love dancing, it bring me so much joy as I explained in my last post. The peace and feeling of being at home is what makes me love to dance, but it’s not that thing that I HAVE to do. Writing is a place that I go to clear my thoughts, display my creativity, and somewhere where life seems limitless.

I have once heard someone refer to writing as word pictures. I completely and 100% agree. A blank piece of paper is my canvas and I paint all of my thoughts, emotions, and use imagination to create a masterpiece. The best feeling in the world, to me, is when I’m just walking around somewhere and ZING! It comes! A new idea for a story! Or even a new poetry inspiration. I have to rush to get a piece of paper, as my thoughts and passions sag out of my brain, just waiting to create a work of art. Then that feeling of success, like I just wrote down the language of my soul and it was satisfied. I receive an inner fulfillment, like I have just pleased God by using the gifts he has given me. Someday, I dream of being a published author. People often ask me what I write. I never like to limit myself and say that I write fiction or I write serious political pieces, etc. My best answer to that is, whatever comes to me. Whatever tale I am compelled to tell. I do have a preference of fiction, but I don’t limit myself of that. I tend to write a lot of poetry throughout my daily life. I keep a journal to document my life, but I also have a poetry journal. I think that my poetry journal is far deeper and more meaningful than my regular journal. It is filled with passion, creativity, joy, laughter, and tears. It is what greatest displays who I am.

Words are two sided creations. You can have many meanings for words. My best advice for anyone who is interested in writing is, just paint a picture. What do you want your readers to envision? When writing, never hold back. Just go for it. Put your verbal paint on the picture. Tell the words what you want them to do. Once you reach that level of freedom in writing, let your heart do the talking, and your hands do the walking.


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