Sharpened Pencils and Ink Pens

I have been pondering in great amounts about what to do with my life and where/who God wants me to be, etc. I have always been greatly compelled to act since I was born. I never had to even think about that, I was born knowing I wanted to do that and I have never wavered, only expanded that dream. Until middle school, I struggled with writing; I despised writing to be honest. That was until I took a writing class. The class was fun, it was torture at the time, but greatly enjoyable looking back on it. That classroom was where my dreams and passions awakened. My pencil was finally sharpened. My pen was finally filled with ink. Bam! I became a writer. I’m not saying I’m the greatest writer in the world, but I simply can’t stop writing. The thought of communicating through pencil and paper, as I previously had written, what I like to call, ‘word pictures’ is a fulfilling thing for me. With each word I sculpt to flow and flatter, creating masterpieces and sculptures to lie on paper.

I have been given a choice whether to work this summer or not by my dad. I began the application process, but then I got to thinking, why don’t I just work on my writing to create a better future for myself in that area?! So, that shall be my job this summer unless I plans change. I’ll be doing a lot of reading and writing, perhaps some studying of the greatest writers and poets under my special tree whom I named Webster.

I have always loved to write with good ol’ pen and paper, rather than digital computer writing. How do you prefer to write?



The Grilled Cheese

    Oh the hot, stringy, wonderfully odorous toasted sandwich filled with succulent, melted cheese-in simple terms, the classic grilled cheese! I know, I know, really Bear, you’re talking about grilled cheese? Yes! and No! Stay with me here ;P … Continue reading

A New Beginning

It has been far too long since I have written. With one year of college out of the way, all who have been in my shoes know that I don’t have much time on my plate during the school year. Strange how life passes by. One moment I’m graduating high school, in Disneyland for Sr. trip, then pOoF! I’m done with a year of college, which to be honest, feels like more years than one.

To kick off my “new beginning”, I’ll just say a few updates of my life and what I’ve been learning. With my brother announcing that he’s moving out, I found myself baffled and but at the same time, not surprised. The guy has been away in college for years, its not like he’s truly been around. It’s hard to imagine my life without one of my besties living in the same house. A life without my twin by my side to quote movies and TV shows with that no one, not even my main squeeze understands. So, I am pleased that he’s going out and following his dreams, but very sad for the loss of bestie living next door. It’ll all work out how God very well pleases, because he knows what is truly best for our lives and where we need to need to be. All I can say is, in the words of Tigger, TTFN-Tah Tah For Now, my bestest buddy!

I feel like I’m in this strange place in life. I halfway fit into where I am. In the performing world, I don’t feel like I belong to my dance studio anymore, I haven’t done a play in a whole year because of my differing moral standpoint of the plays offered at my school. I guess a big part of this new beginning is trying to find the next step. Step 1: Enter a new school-check. Step 2: Find the place where God wants me.  I will find it very soon, trust me!

Lastly, apart of the changes and feeling a lack of fitting in anywhere, I feel at a bit of loss. I see friends going off on life-changing adventures, leaving me wondering, what do they have that I don’t? Did I miss the sign-up sheet to have an adventurous summer?

Feel free to comment if you feel like you’re stuck in this cucumber of changes and confusion, too!

How do you solve these feeling? Any tips and ideas?

Love you lots!

Picture This!

Picture This!

Reading; *sigh* ohhhh, the magic of reading. I remember the good ol’ days when I could just go to the library FOR FUN. I have always been a fiction and picture book fanatic.  One of my all-time favorites was and … Continue reading

Dance Like No One is Watching

I love love love this ARTSY blog! The blogger goes by VVoi and he totalllly gets it! He has written about many different forms of art and seems to appreciate them all equally! See, I’m not the only crazy one! A specific section of his blog that I enjoyed was the “Performer” page. A lovely aspect of his entries is that it is filled with visuals in video form. He brilliantly uses YouTube videos, to aid in his topic. The videos he uses are usually slightly comedic or used to compare something. In specific, his “Dancing For Yourself” post, on May 2, 2013. It was one of the most entertaining things I’ve ever seen in my life! Haha! There was a video of a woman who appeared to be standing on the sidewalk, nonchalantly dancing like no one was watching. The type of embarrassing dancing, that you just wouldn’t do when you were on display, to every person driving by. Not only was her dance super funny and straight from the heart, but I could see myself doin’ the exact same thing! There’s something about dancing like no one is watching, that brings joy to my heart. It’s awesome to not care when people look at you like you are insane. Then, there was an awesome comparison to Gene Kelly’s “Singing in the Rain” scene. How perfect is that? Although, of course, it was staged and choreographed to be a “spontaneous” dance; he was set in the scene to dance down the street like no one was watching. I find this post so enjoyable because…Get ready for it…I, too, do the same thing! In fact, I did it today! Not down the street, in this instance, but I was dancing in a hallway. In fact, I danced right in front of some friend and a teacher without even caring for an instant. Why should I care? God has placed this wonderful gift in my heart. He has planned my life out to where I can show how truly joyful I am, by dancing like no one is watching. So, just remember, next time you get that urge to dance when walking down the street or through a hallway, GO FOR IT! You never know what will happen ‘til you try! Something I noticed about this blog, is that it doesn’t have a lot of color. There aren’t many pictures, but as I have written in my previous post, words are pictures. This blogger is a gifted writer and he knows how to paint that picture with his words. Not only is he an extraordinary writer, but he is from Swedan! I have an overflowing respect for VVoi and any non-American writer, who chooses to write in English. That is the sign of a true artist; creating art for all walks of life to understand. Thank you VVoi for your wonderful contribution to the arts. You are a true artist.

Word Pictures

Words are loud. Words are true. Words are powerful. Words are what make you, you. Words can shake a nation. Words can say I LOVE YOU.

            However you choose to use your words, try to make the best of them. Every single word you say, can affect a life, far more than ever imaginable. Positive and negative words can boost someone’s confidence or make them feel like a grain of salt. I bet you can remember every time someone complimented you and if someone has said something hurtful. Now, I don’t mean hold a grudge and hold onto those mean words. I know there are those things that someone told us, that echo in our brains. You know the words saying, “Your nose is too big, you are a terrible singer, that sweater is ugly! Did your dog make that?!” Or it can be a compliment that give you a new passion and drive to pursue something. Words can change what we think of ourselves and what we think of others. It’s very important to choose your words carefully. As it says in the Bible, Ephesians 4:29, “Let no corrupting talk come out of your mouths, but only such as is good for building up, as fits the occasion, that it may give grace to those who hear.” Choosing the right words is very important.  I find words to be what make up my life. Not only have they made who I am, but words are a part of me. I don’t just like to write, I have a burden that burns within my soul to write. Once again, mentioning my favorite competition show, So You Think You Can Dance’s executive producer, Nigel Lythgoe, said something that got me questioning myself. He would tell people that he could tell when someone HAD to dance. It was something they couldn’t live without. I questioned myself on what that thing is in my life. What couldn’t I live without? I so very much wished it could be dance, too. I love dancing, it bring me so much joy as I explained in my last post. The peace and feeling of being at home is what makes me love to dance, but it’s not that thing that I HAVE to do. Writing is a place that I go to clear my thoughts, display my creativity, and somewhere where life seems limitless.

I have once heard someone refer to writing as word pictures. I completely and 100% agree. A blank piece of paper is my canvas and I paint all of my thoughts, emotions, and use imagination to create a masterpiece. The best feeling in the world, to me, is when I’m just walking around somewhere and ZING! It comes! A new idea for a story! Or even a new poetry inspiration. I have to rush to get a piece of paper, as my thoughts and passions sag out of my brain, just waiting to create a work of art. Then that feeling of success, like I just wrote down the language of my soul and it was satisfied. I receive an inner fulfillment, like I have just pleased God by using the gifts he has given me. Someday, I dream of being a published author. People often ask me what I write. I never like to limit myself and say that I write fiction or I write serious political pieces, etc. My best answer to that is, whatever comes to me. Whatever tale I am compelled to tell. I do have a preference of fiction, but I don’t limit myself of that. I tend to write a lot of poetry throughout my daily life. I keep a journal to document my life, but I also have a poetry journal. I think that my poetry journal is far deeper and more meaningful than my regular journal. It is filled with passion, creativity, joy, laughter, and tears. It is what greatest displays who I am.

Words are two sided creations. You can have many meanings for words. My best advice for anyone who is interested in writing is, just paint a picture. What do you want your readers to envision? When writing, never hold back. Just go for it. Put your verbal paint on the picture. Tell the words what you want them to do. Once you reach that level of freedom in writing, let your heart do the talking, and your hands do the walking.

Tip, Tap, Toes

“Dance, when you’re broken open. Dance, if you’ve torn the bandage off. Dance in the middle of the fighting. Dance in your blood. Dance when you’re perfectly free.”

― Rumi

Dancing brings freedom to the mind, soul, and body. I could not imagine my life without dance. I have been dancing for 13 years and have not regretted a moment. It is one of the places that I resort to, when I feel stressed, overwhelmed, or just flat out creative. There is something about creating art with my body that makes me feel like I’m paint on a canvas. Dance truly is about painting the choreographer’s picture and displaying their work of art, on a stage, with our bodies. Why don’t people dance more often? Dancing is one of the most challenging sports and forms of art. It not only takes artistic abilities, but also agility, a sense of rhythm, and commitment. When I’m on stage, the warm lights beat on my face. Then, like a roaring thunder, the music begins. It feels like home and the world around me is gone. The only thing that exists is the music and the other dancers. The performance on stage can be compared to the different components that are required for dancing. the music is the artist’s paint brush, the dancers are the paint, and the stage is the canvas. Together, we work as one team; one body; one motion; to create one ever flowing work of art.

There are many different types of dance; more than I can name, but I can name the one that makes my heart sing the most…BALLET!!! Oddly, that is the one form of dance that many people think is as easy as a shoe with Velcro. HA! All I can say is HA! There was a study done by my absolute FAVORITE competition show, “So You Think You Can Dance,” that tested the dancers’ physical abilities and compared them to other athletes. The study showed that the dancers were in just as great of shape as the most elite, Super Bowl status football players! Pretty awesome, huh? I know from my personal experiences of taking time off of dance that it is very physically demanding. I found that trying other exercises didn’t quite give me the same defining results. Ballet uses literally ALL of the muscles in your body when done properly. Ballet is flat out wonderful! It can be considered a sport and an art! Ballet requires the use and tightening of muscles from the neck and all the way down, at every moment, and it requires an open mind to release creativity.

With all of that overwhelming information, what did we learn today? That dance is an art? Yes. That dance is a sport? Yes to that, also! However, what have I been talking about? Art of course! My definition of art is anything that a person puts their full passion and effort into.  A sport can also be art! Shocking, I know. Just remember when you are questioning whether you’re artistic or not, art is from the heart!